Possessing an almost perfect memory as well as the ability to receive and process information as fast as any computer, the members of the Memorite Society are held in awe and sometimes fear, by society. When a bullet takes the life of Memorite and college professor Todd Engstrom, local police and the Memorite Society conclude that the murder could only have been committed by a Memorite, yet the Memorite Society assure police that no Memorite would have done such an act. But they fail to mention one Memorite who may have faked his death after becoming insane. Police detective Kevin Gould and Memorite Laura Wynn investigate the murder, but uncover dark secrets that could potentially destroy the Memorite Society.

To make matters worse, Laura Wynn discovers that she is falling in love with Detective Gould, which causes her to begin to lose her abilites.

Memorite Rogue is full of twists and turns, which will leave you constantly wondering who is on which side, until finally, it all comes together, or maybe you just think it does.

About the Author

Danny Carlton

Racked with years of insomnia Danny Carlton eventually developed a method of focusing his mind to allow sleep by creating thought provoking scenarios and allowing them to flow, logically as stories. Out of the many dozens of story ideas Memorite Rogue eventually became the first to be put to paper. Pragmatic, systematic and orderly by nature, Danny developed a structure that allowed him to develop, expand and complete the 150,000 word novel in just under 5 months.

Danny lives in Catoosa, Oklahoma with 3 of his 4 children, 4 dogs and several cats in a 20-year-old Victorian house he and his family are trying to renovate.